Thursday, August 16, 2012

flowerflinging Camp

Attention Campers!

2012 flowerflinging Camp

Structures was the theme of the third annual flowerflinging Camp held at The Barns this month.  Six friends, GCA judges all, came to the Berkshires for  flowerflinging, fun, friendship and food.

As in every good camp, we had a library where we shared our favorite design books and magazines.

A photo studio to record the fun.

ffCamp is about sharing techniques, skills and experiences.  Usually no single person is the teacher.

We worked with paper, plexiglass and wire, with sticks and frames and even repurposed lanterns.

Most fun of all was when we did have a visiting teacher, The Master Welder and Mrs. Welder, along with Mr. GCA as sous-welder.

The Master Welder came with his traveling equipment and a truck bed of metal scraps of every kind, plus welding 'masks' for each of us!  

 We were delighted to choose scraps and have them fashioned into stands, containers and sculptures. A drawer in the garage yielded enough gloves for all to us - the scraps are sharp!

Judges Commendation to, left, Mr. GCA and right, The Master Welder, "for unlimited patience and great good humor with the campers".  You can see the great variety of structures created at ffCamp. Those interested in welding should read the chapter by Margo Paddock in The Fine Art of Flower Arranging by Nancy D'Oench, Abrams, 2002.  

Thanks to Mrs. Welder for the photographs. To be continued -- with the completed designs and tips…..



  1. That was sure a lot of fun...I think about it happily each day.;)

  2. Wow.....looks fabulous!!!!!! Green with envy tool!!

  3. I love the idea of flower camp! Cool stuff