Thursday, August 2, 2012

Potted Inspiration

Potted inspiration

What’s in your pot?

This is the time of year it is fun to see all the imaginative pots with their plants  bursting forth.  There is a lot of inspiration as well as lessons in color and texture in them.

 The creative hands at the Berkshire Botanical Garden used all manner of galvanized pots to create this welcoming group.  The grays play off the blue spruce behind them and set off the warmer toned plants to perfection.  Lesson: what is sitting in your garage to plant in?

Still at the Berkshire Botanical, this lovely column holds a monochromatic grouping with exciting contrast of form, all in green against green.  Lesson in balance:  Do you love the large alocasia leaves hanging out on the top, are not?  Does it work because of the big pot?  

The master colorists at White Flower Farm in Litchfield CT composed this red hot scheme of begonias, coleus and fuschia, with a little cool gray helychrisum peeking out of the right.  All in a stunning classic pot.

Doesn't every talented person make their own boat?  to use as planter?  This woven branch structure at the BBG is planted with a new scheme every year.

More structures in structures at Terrain, Westport CT.  These wood planters hold conical structures planted with alocasia and vines.  A big contrast between the huge alocasia leaves and the small vines.

These billowing window boxes in Stockbridge celebrate The Bride's wedding color scheme of purple and orange.  Fuschia and petunias are happy here.

In honor of the same scheme, I planted my doorway pots - old British washpails - with orange lantana, purple nicotiana, coleus, bronze fennel and grasses.  The fennel looks pretty good here, but not so good now.

What’s in your pot?


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