Thursday, August 23, 2012

Attention Campers Part 2

Attention Campers Part 2

At flowerflinging Camp this month, we focused on structures.  Each camper came with a structure or two to try out or with the materials to make it from scratch.  These diverse designs inspired us all!

The Nominator was making this plexiglass structure for the second time.  The curve and tension are created by tightening the burnt siena twine until you have a balanced curve.  Ha! Easier said than done. There are two rows of holes at each end of plexi and it is strung rather like a cat’s cradle.  Plexi flower tubes are also covered with the twine.  They are inserted between the interlocking twine and look like gorgeous orchid ice cream cones!  The looped lily grass adds elegance and rhythm.

The MOG brought this versatile wooden structure with a rotating panel at its center.  You could not ask for more beautiful harmonious plant material which includes anthurium, orchid, phormium calla lily, ti leaves and leucadendron.  The elegant design sweeps diagonally down the structure.

Lady S resurrected her structure that appeared in “The Fine Art of Flower Arranging” (Abrams, 2002).  Using twisted Manzanita branches and spectacular home grown lilies – (Lilium Scheherazade, an oriental trumpet lily), Lady S created a lively counterpoint to the symmetry of the structure.

A battery lantern was cleverly used as a design structure by The Editor.  She created a very flowing line design in a simplified the color scheme of yellows and green, using croton leaves and mini sunflowers, linked by variegated phormium and middolino sticks.  Middolino sticks are a very fine flexible cane and come in many colors. 

In the first ffCamp post last week, you could see this plexiglass sheet being bent with the heat gun used for paint stripping.  After making a number of graceful curves, the Grower used this as the basis for several groups of materials.  This gorgeous one combines orchids, phormium, variegated aspidistra, alligator fern, birds nest fern and small green button mums called Kermit.  The placement of the flowers echos the waves of the structure.   

Thanks to The Editor for the photographs......Still more camp to come....stay tuned!  


  1. What remarkable productions! When creativity is supported by taste and talent, there are no limits.

  2. Thanks, Maitre. ffCamp was a perfect example of how we inspire each other.