Sunday, September 9, 2012

What Floats your Boat?

Boat shaped containers are not easily found but worth seeking out.  They are versatile for many styles of design.  Their curves make them less weighty than their rectangular counterpoints. Subscribers know that my tables are long and narrow so I am always in search of ways to march the designs down the tables.

Here’s the boat, with a piece of Oasis inside.  Below I have chosen one variegated ti leaf (aspidistra), could be any lovely leaf or leaves that fit inside the shape or not.  

The pearl headed pins just hold the leaf in place (, Michael’s).  It will last a long time this way even though the stem is removed!

With a shear or knife cut a slit in the leaf where you want your flower stem to go in.  I am using very short stems of lilies here.  These buds will open, though not too quickly.

To connect these designs I added painted black curly willow sticks.  These are from, but Michael’s, Pier One or other stores often have them.  Or you can paint fresh curly willow, but those sticks are more irregular, which could make them more interesting but harder to work with.

The willow stems rest between the flowers on the container and link up the arrangements. Do put the vases in place on the table before you place the willow.  These were from a lunch for the ff campers, using white lilies.

At a dinner, using pink lilies - good thing it was on the porch as the lily fragrance was almost over-powering. 

This version with sunflowers were originally placed on red and white check tablecloths at tables in a tent for a very country luncheon!  Here they have come back to my table, none the worse for wear!


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