Sunday, September 2, 2012

Attention Campers Part 3

 flowerflinging Camp seems months ago instead of three weeks.  Campers of every age all over the US have returned home for Labor Day. In a sort of last gasp effort, here are the rest of ff campers' creative images and ideas to inspire you.

This exuberant design is constructed with Oasis placed on top of a candleholder. The pale leaves are dried strelitizia.  As they dry, they form the most fanastic shapes.  The dark leaves are cordyline with a beautiful light edge.

The Nominator made this voluptuous structure from a roll of turquoise aluminum wire.  I won’t go through how she did it here but I will in a later post.  However, I do have a new supplier of Oasis wire:   They not only have this but some of the newer widths, up to ½” in many colors.

When The Welder came to ffcamp (see “Attention Campers”, August), many structures were made but there was no time to design with them.  The MOG returned and promptly tried out her welded circle which sits on a little metal plate.  Lots of good tropical stuff in this design -  anthurium, proteas, orchids, grasses and ferns – many of which pick up the warm patina of the metal.  Thanks, MOG, for the photo.

Above is another version of the lantern created by the Editor.  She has used more varieties of plant materials - sunflowers, croton leaves, roses, large and small peppers – in a colorful scheme.

Inspired by Tokyo Flowers by Yuji Kobayashi, Stichting Kunst Boek 2011, I tried to replicate his column of woven palm leaves.  The substrate is a rolled and glued column of stiff paper with an opening made for fresh plant material.  I wasn’t happy with the final result – there is a reason they are the masters! – but it was an interesting exercise to try.

Their bags packed & the cars loaded, the last structure for the campers was to inaugurate my pergola construction.  Each camper has some willow that they wove into the frame. 


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