Thursday, July 26, 2012

Let us entertain you

 Colors chipped

For Mother’s Day I received a wonderful present from The Bride (see June post, “Beginning with a Wedding”).  Paint chip placemats!  There isn’t a paint color sample card that I don’t love, and my drawers are full of them.  Now I am able to set the table with them.

These colorful placemats are from Avril Loreti at Modern Home in Canada via (once on the site enter ‘paint chip placemats’ in the search box) and make a colorful splash on the dining table.  The bands of color have names in English and French: " you’re so cool/tu es genial", "sunshine soak/embrasser le soliel", "gum ball/rose bonbon".  Always more lovely in French, n’est pas?

The cotton sateen napkins are from Crate & Barrel. Because I waited for these to come on sale ($1.95 vs $4.95), I did not have as many colors from which to choose.  I console myself that as a group the three napkin colors (lavender, marine blue and lagoon) can be used with other mats.

 Only green was used for the flowers in a simple low design.  Left over  from the last post: "Two dish design", variegated aspidistra (also called ti leaf) was rolled into a tube shape, a small oasis blob (technical term) inserted at one end, the mum or hydrangea at the other. The leaf can be held by stapling it, using a glue dot, or using a pin from one leaf into the other.  A few leaves were left without a flower or oasis, and the whole thing set on the same leaves.   Once in place, and not falling over, lily turf grasses linked them.

These rippled water glasses in various colors have long been waiting for such a vibrant setting (from a terrific shop in Wilmington DE called The Blue Streak)!

Crate & Barrel has colored votives in sets of 4 cool colors or 4 hot colors and sold in sets of 18 in long plastic tubes.

The fruit tarts had a scheme all their own, and since I didn’t make them, they were delicious!

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